GLO™ Teeth Whitening In Katy, TX

Did you know that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile? A bright, white smile gives you confidence, and at Sealy Dental Center in Katy, we want our patients to show off their best, brightest smiles! Our teeth whitening specialists are proud to offer GLO™ teeth whitening at our Katy dentist office.

GLO teeth whitening is widely considered to be one of the best teeth whitening systems available today. It is designed to reduce the appearance of tooth stains caused by coffee, red wine, and tea. The GLO in-office and take-home treatments are highly concentrated and are formulated with ingredients that cause little to no side effects.

The in-office treatment applied by our Katy doctors can produce dramatically whiter teeth in just 32 minutes!

How Does GLO Teeth Whitening Work?

GLO stands for “Guided Light Optics.” This teeth whitening technology uses the power of heat and light to activate a special whitening gel after it has been applied to your teeth. Many of our patients see a smile that is 5 shades whiter after just one application!

One of the things our patients love about GLO is that after their in-office teeth whitening appointment, we send them with their own GLO take-home whitening system so they can maintain their results. GLO combines the convenience of at-home whitening with the professional results of in-office whitening treatment!

Is GLO Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

Have you experienced tooth sensitivity or even pain during teeth whitening treatments? The GLO whitening system has been designed to reduce tooth sensitivity. The unique whitening gel is alcohol and carbamide peroxide free and, in most cases, causes little to no sensitivity.

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If you have questions about GLO, tooth pain, or any of the dental services we offer at Sealy Dental Center in Katy, give our dentist office a call.

A consultation with our doctors is the best way to determine if GLO teeth whitening is the solution for your whiter smile!

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